5 Ways To Utilise Your Carport That Don't Involve A Car

5 Ways To Utilise Your Carport That Don't Involve A Car

Friday, February 15, 2019

A carport is a great investment for a whole lot of reasons, not solely because it protects your car and adds value to your home. In this month’s post we look at a number of other ways you can utilise your carport, whether it’s making the most of the extra space next to the car, or during those times when your car is elsewhere.

1. A Workshop

‘Hang on’, you might say. ‘How can I put a workshop in my carport, when it’s exposed to the street?’ Well, there are a lot of options for creating a workshop in your carport that keep your tools and equipment safe. Firstly, though, your carport will need to share a wall with your house or have a wall of its own (which probably excludes a freestanding carport, unless you’re using it as a temporary workspace). Use this wall as the space for your worktable, creating a place to work on the family’s bikes, do some carpentry, pot plants or whatever takes your fancy. You might even want to install a fold down table, as this is a great way to conserve space, and you’ll also need a lockable cupboard for your tools and equipment. Best of all, once you’ve kitted out your workshop, you’re going to be making the most of the unused space in your carport in a productive way.

2. An Outdoor Room

Perhaps you’ve got guests staying over, teenage kids home for the holidays, or you’re simply not using the carport for a car. So why not turn your carport into an outdoor room, adding extra space for entertaining, relaxing or for fun family activities. Spend a little time planning what kind of outdoor room you want – it doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive! There are plenty of places where you can source good quality secondhand furniture and accessories – have a look at our post on the subject to get you started. Or you might already have everything you need lying around – a couple of beanbags that the kids aren’t using, or some vintage cane chairs that have been in storage, waiting for the perfect moment to reappear. Whatever you have in mind for your outdoor room, keep it simple, comfortable and functional, and you’ll have a great new space for hanging out with friends and family.

3. Extra Storage Space

Are your cupboards bursting and your shelves overflowing? An unused carport can provide the perfect solution to your excess ‘stuff’ issues, making your indoor space more comfortable and streamlined. If you have decided to add storage to your carport, the best idea is to invest in some built-in lockable cupboards for the purposes of stability and security. Maybe you’re a keen DIY-er and plan to build and install the cupboards yourself, saving money and time. If not, do a bit of research online for the kinds of ‘off-the-shelf’ storage solutions that are available, ensuring they are lockable. Or, if you’re looking for something custom-made to suit your particular needs, contact a local cabinetmaker for a quote. Finally, once your storage is in place, try to keep it organised so you don’t, yet again, become overwhelmed with stuff and you can find the things you need when you need them.

4. Kids’ Play Area

If you’ve got a carport that’s not being used, you might like to consider turning part of it into a creative play space for your kids. This is as easy as picking up a square of synthetic turf to protect soft little knees and elbows from the concrete (cheap off-cuts are readily available from suppliers) and introducing some sensory activities. You might include buckets for water play, a sand pit, finger-painting or even a miniature table and chairs for afternoon tea, for both the human children and their soft toys! If you’re a stay-at-home Mum looking for ways to keep the littlies occupied, utilising your vacant carport as a play space can provide you with some much needed time out.  

5. A Party Room

Have you’ve got a big birthday coming up? Or you’re next on the list for hosting Christmas Day lunch? Maybe you just feel like having a party. Well, how about using your carport as a party room, with all the advantages of doing so; more room to move, less mess and less potential for damage. Plus, cleaning up concrete after a party is way easier than getting stains out of your carpet!
Spend some time thinking about decorations and how you’re going to turn your carport into something special. Things like solar fairy lights, candles, and coloured cushions and throws can transform a fairly plain space without too much effort or expense.
Make sure all your power cords, for lights and stereo equipment, are well-secured against the walls, to avoid people tripping on them. And carefully plan where you’re going to serve the food, place the furniture and incorporate the dance floor, ensuring your party will run as smoothly as possible and be lots of fun for you and your guests.

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