4 Ways To Extend The Life & Look Of Your Carport Or Patio Roof

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

1. Check Your Roof Regularly

At least once a month, spend some time inspecting your roof, particularly after a bout of bad weather. Flat roofs are more susceptible to uplifts from high winds than pitched roofs, but it’s important to check any roof on a regular basis, especially after a storm or cyclone. If you notice any damage, attend to it as soon as possible, as what might seem like a small thing can turn into a major issue before you know it.


2. Clear Your Gutters & Down-Pipes

Yes, it’s a tedious job but it has to be done, and the more often the better. Using the change of seasons as a guide is a good habit to get into, as this way you can be assured that you’ve removed as much of the seasonal debris as possible and you’re prepared for the up-coming season. Cleaning out your gutters and down-pipes is particularly important in areas that experience heavy rain or are fire-prone. And keeping up the maintenance of your gutters has an impact on the overall state of your roof, preventing water damage and deterioration of the roof.

3. Prune Vines & Overhanging Trees

A lot of us grow vines up the beams and along the sides of our carports or patios, and similarly, have trees that overhang our roofs. One of the best ways to ensure the long life of your carport or patio roof is to keep it clear of plant and tree debris, such as leaves and branches. Once a month or so, as part of your regular roof inspection, clear any fallen branches and leaves and prune any vines that are growing over the roof or into the gutters and tree branches that are threatening to drop.

4. Clean & Repair Your Roof

Like any part of your house, your carport or patio roof needs to be cleaned and repaired to keep it in good condition and preserve its life. Beyond giving your roof a hose down, brushing away cobwebs and dust from the underside, or touching up the paint or stain on the supporting poles, you should always engage a professional to clean and/or repair, as this means the job is done properly and safely, and is backed by the appropriate regulatory bodies. It’s probably a good idea to have a professional clean and repair once a year or so, to keep your roof looking good and lasting longer.

At Lifestyle Patios, all our patios and carports come with a 15-year product warranty, a 6½-year structural warranty and a 12-month maintenance agreement, so you can be assured that any issues you encounter or repairs that are required are dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

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