Patio & Carport Materials

Patio & Carport Frames

We use Australian owned & made frames, ensuring the superior quality & durability of your patio or carport. Frames can be customised to meet your needs, with the posts and beams available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Single Skin Sheeting

At Lifestyle Patios, we use a range of V-Line Single Skin Sheeting to give you a wide choice of roofing styles, from flat to gabled, flyover & free standing, available in a large range of colours to suit your home. Our Single Skin Sheeting combines the elegance of VJ paneling with innovative design & engineering, making it the simplest & most economical roofing system available.

Insulated Sheeting

All our patios and carport roofs can be constructed using state-of-the-art insulated sheeting, to keep your outdoor area cool in summer & warm in winter. The rebated foam is resistant to dust & mould and is installed flush with the roof profile, preventing bugs, rodents and other unwelcome guests from entering. Insulated sheeting is available in a range of colours to match your home & style.


Lifestyle Patios offer a wide variety of posts for your carport or patio, including RHS steel, aluminium, hardwood timber and low maintenance wood-grain aluminium. Both RHS steel and aluminium posts can be powder coated from a choice of 20 colours to suit your home and your style.