Inside Out — Why Outdoor Rooms Are The Place To Be

Inside Out — Why Outdoor Rooms Are The Place To Be

Friday, July 15, 2016

Outdoor rooms are the best of both worlds – views of the night sky while lounging in a comfy sofa; gourmet meals without using heaps of pots and pans; a place to curl up with the dog or play a round of cards with the kids, all the while taking in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

We’ve hunted down some of the latest trends in outdoor decor to help you turn your patio or deck into the best room in the house.


Plump It Up

Creating that cosy nook on your deck or patio is as easy as adding some cushions and throws to your outdoor furniture. Whether making your own or shopping around, the huge range of designs and textures in all-weather upholstery materials means you can let your imagination run free.


Camp Out At Home

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a camp fire on a chilly evening, sharing laughs and a glass of wine with friends and family. So, make a fireplace an essential element of your outdoor room and you can camp out every night of the week. Choose a fireplace that best suits your space, in terms of size, the kind of fuel required and potential smokiness (annoying the neighbours is not cool!).


Dining Al Fresco

No doubt about it, Australians love eating outdoors, whether it’s a BBQ in the park or a three-course meal overlooking the sea. These days, most patios or decks include a dining area, which means you can eat out whenever you want! Even better if it’s combined with an outdoor kitchen, so you can wow guests with your culinary gifts and still join in the chit-chat.


Rustic Charm or Sleekly Modern — It’s Up To You

Turning your patio or deck into an outdoor room doesn’t have to be expensive: source secondhand furniture, vintage accessories and recycled materials, all of which will add to the distinctiveness of your room. Or, if you’re building a new home or upgrading, look around and do some research — you’ll want the room to fit your budget as well as your lifestyle and surrounds.

Fundamentally, it’s all about spending more time outside, and who can argue with that!


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