How To Remove Scratches From Plastic Patio Tables

How To Remove Scratches From Plastic Patio Tables

Although plastic is a popular material for patio furniture, it can easily become scratched and unsightly. Some people prefer to pay a tradesman to fix the deep gouges and repair the table. However, it is possible, with a little time and the correct equipment, to carry out a repair yourself. Follow the steps below for a simple DIY scratch repair process.


To enable you to properly carry out this job, you will need the following equipment:

  • Acrylic compound (used for buffing)
  • Plastic polish
  • 100% cotton rags
  • Liquid detergent
  • Warm water

Once you have assembled these items, you can begin the repair job.

Thoroughly clean the damaged area

The area around the scratch must be as clean as you can get it, otherwise any debris that is left in the area will mix with the acrylic compound and prevent a successful repair. To ensure your table is clean, mix a little detergent with warm water and thoroughly wipe the area with the rags. You must allow the area to fully dry before moving onto the next stage.

Apply the acrylic compound

Use a teaspoon full of the acrylic compound and apply it directly to the damaged area. Then use a rag to rub it in, making sure that you cover the scratch completely. It is important to understand that using a forward and backwards buffing motion may lead to a deeper scratch forming; instead, use small, circular movements. If needed, repeat this process until the scratch is fully covered and is no longer visible.

Clean the area again

You should now re-clean the area that has been buffed with the acrylic compound, in exactly the same way as in the first step. Using detergent and warm water, clean the area thoroughly. Allow to fully dry before proceeding.


In order for the repair to work properly, plastic polish must be applied to a scrupulously clean surface. Spray the buffed area with a light and even coat of polish and allow to sit for approximately two to three minutes. This is an important part, so don’t skip the waiting.

Buff to finish

Use a clean cloth to gently buff the area with the polish. Using the same small circular motions, evenly spread the polish over the area. The scratch should now be gone; if not, repeat this process with another thin layer of polish and work it into the area.

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